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1 December 2022
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ITU is the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technologies, with the mission to connect the world. To achieve this, ITU manages the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits at the international level, works to improve communication infrastructure in the developing world, and establishes global standards that foster seamless interconnection of a vast range of communication systems. ITU also organizes global Telecom events bringing together the most influential representatives of government and the private sector to exchange ideas and knowledge for the benefit of all.
Date of Issue: 16 February 2022
Vacancy Notice Cancelled
Applications from women are encouraged
Functions: Connect2Recover International Expert for Americas
Deadline for Applications (23.59 Geneva CH) : 2 March 2022 Duration of Contract:  6 months  
Type of Appointment: Special Service Agreement Duty Station:  Remote/home based, Various
Grade: To be defined / Other
The Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) is responsible for the organization and coordination of the work of the Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) of the Union which deals mainly with ICT-focused development policies, strategies and programmes, as well as technical cooperation activities, to promote digital inclusion and drive digital transformation at community, country and regional levels. To effectively and efficiently serve the needs of ITU members, BDT is organized into four functional areas:
  • Office of the Deputy to the Director and Field Operations Coordination Department
  • Partnerships for Digital Development Department
  • Digital Networks & Society Department
  • Digital Knowledge Hub Department

  • Organization Unit:
    The office of the Deputy to the Director and Field Operations Coordination Department is responsible for advising and supporting the Director on the direction and management of the Bureau. It is also responsible for leading all matters related to personnel, strategic, financial and operational planning and reporting processes. The department oversees the work of the Regional Offices, ensuring proper delegation of authority and accountability of the Regional Offices. This department coordinates the holding of BDT conferences and events, monitors the implementation of decisions emanating from the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC), the Telecommunication Development Advisory Group (TDAG) or Council, and cooperates closely with the other Sectors of the Union and the General Secretariat on matters of relevance to BDT and the overall work of the Union. BDT Regional Directors report to this department.
     Duties / Responsibilities

    Connect2Recover is a global ITU initiative that aims to reinforce the digital infrastructure and ecosystems of beneficiary countries. Connect2Recover seeks to facilitate action for affordable and reliable connectivity as part of COVID-19 recovery strategies and to strengthen resiliency of digital infrastructure and support better preparedness against natural hazards. Connect2Recover initiative has five phases. Phase One is the methodology to be applied: "A methodology for identifying connectivity gaps and strengthening resilience in the new normal". Phase Two of the initiative, known as Country Landscape Assessment, focuses on assessment of connectivity data collection practices, review network/ISP resilience, critical infrastructure resilience, and market resilience. Resilience assessment should focus on three areas key to post-COVID-19 recovery - education, health, and jobs - a particular emphasis on education, and on disaster resilience and emergency preparedness (when applicable). In Phase Three, the National ICT Strategy is compared to the Connect2Recover Phase One methodology and results in a set of recommendations on the strengthening of the strategy.

    Terms of Reference:

    Under the supervision of the ITU Area Office for the Caribbean region and in coordination with the Connect2Recover Project Manager, the expert will create a framework of the kind of information, data and indicators required to undertake Phase Two and Phase Three assessments based on the Phase One methodology. The expert will work with the ITU Area Office for the Caribbean region to develop the questionnaire for Phase Two data collection, conduct resiliency and broadband policy landscape assessments, as well as assessment and preparation of Phase Three recommendations.

    The expert will perform the following activities for identified countries in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) grouping in collaboration with the OECS Secretariat:
    • Provide informed advice on identification of stakeholders relevant for Phase Two assessment and Phase Three assessment.
    • Provide informed advice on collection of relevant information and data from and by identified stakeholders for Phase Two and Phase Three, considering Phase One methodology and other relevant data and indicators.
    • Design and develop priorities and challenges and is responsible for the validation of collected data based on relevant ITU data such as ITU tariff policies survey and supplementary data sources.
    • Maintain under review ISP resilience, critical infrastructure resilience, and market resilience with a focus on education (particular emphasis), health, and jobs based on Phase One methodology.
    • Prepare and draft a Resilience Assessment Report (before finalizing shall be submitted for validation) and Summary of the key findings of the report.
    • Undertake assessment of emergency preparedness, mitigation and response capabilities including early warning systems to deal with natural hazards (when applicable) and provide the appropriate support; this will consider the ITU Guidelines on Developing National Emergency Telecommunication Plans, in particular the Emergency Communications Checklist (Annex A), to assess the level of preparedness and resiliency.
    • Analyze the current National ICT Strategy based on the Connect2Recover Phase One methodology and provide recommendations to ensure that digital infrastructure and ecosystems adequately support recovery efforts as well as the 'new normal' in line with global best practices and other relevant policy tools developed by ITU and other relevant organizations. Where the National ICT Strategy does not exist, provide recommendations, and best practices based on Phase One methodology to enable the development of National ICT Strategy subsequently (not as part of this assessment).
    • Prepare, organize, and train the Project Officer for the Caribbean region and personnel from ECTEL throughout the work on Phase 2 and Phase 3 based on train-the-trainer approach to enable the Project Officer and ECTEL to carry out future assessments in OECS; and prepare training material and guidelines containing all templates for assessments, questionnaire, steps, and reference materials.
    Copyright: ITU would have copyrights on all materials presented by the expert during this assignment. This will not preclude the expert in using these materials in his other activities.

    Concrete deliverables:
    • List of relevant stakeholders and list of required data are provided.
    • Data relevant for Phase Two report and Phase Three recommendations is collected and validated.
    • Resilience Assessment report is prepared and validated, provide summary of the key findings of the report for discussion.
    • National ICT Strategy is analyzed, and compared to Connect2Recover Phase One methodology, recommendations on its updating and strengthening are developed. Alternatively, to provide recommendations and best practices to develop National ICT Strategy based on Connect2Recover Phase One methodology.
    • Recommendations on emergency preparedness, mitigation, and response capabilities (when applicable).
    • Preparation of final report and presentation slides containing assessment and recommendations for Phase Two and Phase Three.
    • Training material and guidelines containing all templates for assessments, questionnaire, steps and reference materials.
  • Core Competencies: Applying Expertise; Effective Communication; Learning and Knowledge Sharing; Organizational Commitment; Results-Focused, and; Teamwork and Collaboration.
  • Essential Functional Competencies: Analysis, Judgement and Decision Making; Client and Service Orientation; Innovation and Facilitating Change; Leadership; Networking and Building Partnerships; Planning and Organizing, and; Successful Management.
  • Essential Technical Competencies: Knowledge of the Connect2Recover Methodology and knowledge in the area of disaster management and emergency telecommunications would be an advantage. Fluency in English is required, spoken, and drafting skills is mandatory.
  • Qualifications required
    Advanced university degree in telecommunication, law, business, computer science, information technology, mathematics, or relevant field such as engineering etc. OR education from a reputed college of advanced education with a diploma of equivalent standard to that of an advanced university degree in one of the above-mentioned fields.
    At least seven years of experience in telecommunications and technology, and/or law and policy, business and market development, and strategy.
    Knowledge of English (drafting and speaking) at advanced level is essential and knowledge of French or Spanish at intermediate level would be an advantage. Knowledge of another official language of the Union (Arabic, Chinese, Russian) would be an advantage.
    Additional Information:

    Lump sum: 20,400.- USD paid upon acceptance of final report

    Applicants will be contacted directly if selected for written test. Interviews may be used as a form of screening.

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    Applicants will be contacted only if they are under serious consideration
    Vacancy Notice Cancelled

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