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1 December 2022
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ITU is the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technologies, with the mission to connect the world. To achieve this, ITU manages the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits at the international level, works to improve communication infrastructure in the developing world, and establishes global standards that foster seamless interconnection of a vast range of communication systems. ITU also organizes global Telecom events bringing together the most influential representatives of government and the private sector to exchange ideas and knowledge for the benefit of all.
Date of Issue: 31 March 2022
Vacancy Filled
Applications from women are encouraged
Functions: Junior Cybersecurity Researcher
Deadline for Applications (23.59 Geneva CH) : 19 April 2022 Duration of Contract:  130 working days until 30 September 2022  
Type of Appointment: Special Service Agreement Duty Station:  Remote/home based, Various
Grade: To be defined / Other
The Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) is responsible for the organization and coordination of the work of the Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) of the Union which deals mainly with ICT-focused development policies, strategies and programmes, as well as technical cooperation activities, to promote digital inclusion and drive digital transformation at community, country and regional levels. To effectively and efficiently serve the needs of ITU members, BDT is organized into four functional areas:
  • Office of the Deputy to the Director and Field Operations Coordination Department
  • Partnerships for Digital Development Department
  • Digital Networks & Society Department
  • Digital Knowledge Hub Department

  • Organization Unit:
    The Digital Networks & Society Department is responsible for BDT activities in the areas of spectrum management, network development, cybersecurity, and emergency telecommunications. This department is also responsible for supporting ITU Member States in their transition to digital societies by providing tools and guidelines to address environmental challenges (in particular, climate change and e-waste), and for promoting innovation, ICT applications/services, digital inclusion, and ecosystems, with the ultimate goal to 'leave no one behind'.
     Duties / Responsibilities

    The negative ramifications of ineffective cybersecurity can impact national economies, critical services, and more than 4 billion people who are digitally connected. Developing countries, especially Least Developed Countries (LDCs), have the least capacity in terms of resources and skills to identify and address current and emerging cybersecurity risks reactively and proactively. This results in higher exposure to cyber risks.

    If LDCs and other developing countries are to improve in cybersecurity, they need access to new partnerships for impact. Complementing efforts in the Partner2Connect initiative, the BDT has developed a project launch the "Cyber for Good" initiative to create a multi-stakeholders platform offering trainings, expertise, and technologies to developing countries for free or favorable prices. ITU Cyber for Good aims to bridge the cyber-capacity gap between developed, least developed, and other developing countries, through providing targeted interventions to improve their cybersecurity national capacity and skills.

    Assignment Goals and Objectives:

    The Junior Researcher will assist the project manager in the organization, planning and coordination of the implementation of the project "Establishment of the Cyber4Good Initiative" undertaken by ITU within the framework of the BDT Cybersecurity Thematic Priority (TP), with a focus on the Cybersecurity Capacity Development for Least Developed Countries.

    Terms of reference:

    Under the general supervision of the Senior Cybersecurity Coordinator, the consultant is responsible to assist with all the activities related to the Cyber4Good project. These include:
    • Assist the project manager with the creation and maintenance of the Cyber4Good platform with tools, services, trainings offered to LDCs by the participating ITU sector members, including advisory-consulting firms, participating ITU Member States, IGOs, IOs, NGOs, and other willing sector members and organizations under ITU existing initiatives such as P2C, C2R, GIGA, Equals, and others.
    • Support with the delivery of trainings, tools, advisories, and services to interested LDCs needing capacity development and assistance and deliver guidance and required support to countries to improve their cybersecurity national capacity and skills.
    • Support in liaising with country focal points and regional thematic priority focal points for the rollout of capacity development projects related to the Cyber4Good initiative, through following up and providing assistance as requested by Member States.
    • Support identifying the existing, as well as, potential challenges and gaps in policy and legislation to ensure building security and trust in use of ICT for citizens, organizations, and country as a whole in LDCs.
    • Assist with preparation of presentations, briefings, background papers to assist in the coordination of the cybersecurity related activities, operational aspects of events' planning, design, preparation, implementation and respond to external and internal queries on the Cyber4Good initiative.
    • Assist in carrying out research and monitoring the membership outreach and engagement initiatives, mainstreaming opportunities for engagement within projects, initiatives, programs, and other platforms for collaboration.
    • Support with stakeholder consultations in the country.
    • Facilitate the delivery of the ITU NCS trainings and conduct workshops and tabletop exercises in the country.
    • Contribute to the preparation of various written outputs, e.g., draft background papers, presentations, analytical notes, sections of reports and studies.
    • Carry out any other related tasks as may be assigned to him/her by ITU as deemed relevant and necessary.
    Concrete deliverables & Expected Results:
    • Research report highlighting existing cybersecurity gaps in LDCs and list of demand-drive cybersecurity capacity building activities.
    • Inventory tracking providers and beneficiaries participating in Cyber for Good.
    • Presentations, briefings, background papers to assist in the coordination of the cybersecurity related activities.
    • Mission Report containing summary of key observations during the mission and next steps.
    Qualifications required
    University degree in a related field OR education from a reputed college of advanced education, with a diploma of equivalent standard to that of a university degree in one of the fields above.
    At least one year of experience. Higher university degrees in related fields can be considered as a substitute for one year of working experience.
    Knowledge of English at advanced level and knowledge of a second official language of the Union (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) would be an advantage.
    Additional Information:

    145.- USD per working day

    Applicants will be contacted directly if selected for written test. Interviews may be used as a form of screening.

    For further information concerning the Conditions of Employment please click the following link
    Applicants will be contacted only if they are under serious consideration
    Vacancy Filled

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