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16 May 2022
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ITU is the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technologies, with the mission to connect the world. To achieve this, ITU manages the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits at the international level, works to improve communication infrastructure in the developing world, and establishes global standards that foster seamless interconnection of a vast range of communication systems. ITU also organizes global Telecom events bringing together the most influential representatives of government and the private sector to exchange ideas and knowledge for the benefit of all.
Date of Issue: 29 April 2022
Applications from women are encouraged
Functions: Circular and Sustainable Public Procurement Expert
Deadline for Applications (23.59 Geneva CH) : 16 May 2022
Duration of Contract:  90 working days between 16 May 2022 and 16 February 2023  
Type of Appointment: Special Service Agreement Duty Station:  Remote/home based, Various
Grade: To be defined / Other
The Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) is responsible for the organization and coordination of the work of the Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) of the Union which deals mainly with ICT-focused development policies, strategies and programmes, as well as technical cooperation activities, to promote digital inclusion and drive digital transformation at community, country and regional levels. To effectively and efficiently serve the needs of ITU members, BDT is organized into four functional areas:
  • Office of the Deputy to the Director and Field Operations Coordination Department
  • Partnerships for Digital Development Department
  • Digital Networks & Society Department
  • Digital Knowledge Hub Department

  • Organization Unit:
    The Digital Networks & Society Department is responsible for BDT activities in the areas of spectrum management, network development, cybersecurity, and emergency telecommunications. This department is also responsible for supporting ITU Member States in their transition to digital societies by providing tools and guidelines to address environmental challenges (in particular, climate change and e-waste), and for promoting innovation, ICT applications/services, digital inclusion, and ecosystems, with the ultimate goal to 'leave no one behind'.
     Duties / Responsibilities

    Provision of expertise by a consultant to develop a guide for national governments on circular and sustainable public procurement for Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).


    The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) requests support from a consultant in leading the research, writing and preparation of a report which identifies the use and availability of green technology for governments to ensure climate-friendly implementation of the 'GovStack' project. ITU is involved in this work following the signing of a project between ITU and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit on the Global Programme Digital Transformation.

    The 'GovStack' project assists countries in learning and implementing scalable digital services and applications in a cost efficient, accelerated, and integrated manner and that are built applying best software development principles and leveraging countries' experiences and practices based on reusable Building Blocks.

    The guide will support ICT-relevant goods and services by providing guidance in response to the challenges and opportunities of governments' adoption of circular and sustainable procurement practices (also including standards, labelling and energy efficiency). The guide will be prepared based on consultations with procurement representatives from governments across the following regions: Africa, Americas, Arab States, Asia Pacific, Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe.

    The objective of the guide will be to support sustainable government digitalization. Digital government can contribute significantly to sustainability by assisting governments in becoming "green administrations" through the provision of services. Whilst circular and sustainable procurement by governments can be a market driver for sustainable innovation and an enabler for a circular economy. Government agencies have been faced with the complexity of hardware (longevity, e-waste). Today, ICT software and services need to be procured - and operated - in an environmentally safe and socially responsible way.

    All consultation activities must be gender balanced and all documents produced shall use gender inclusive language.

    Terms of Reference:

    In close cooperation with the ITU focal point, the consultant will:
    • Lead in the research and drafting of a guide on Circular and Sustainable Public Procurement Guide which provides guidance on how to maximize the circularity and sustainability of the ICT products and services procured.
    • Design, prepare, and organize an online questionnaire and consultations with government public procurement representatives concerning the current and future application of circular and sustainable public procurement.
    • Integrate findings from the questionnaires and consultations into the report, including in the form of case studies to identify examples of best practices.
    • Ensure incorporation of feedback into the guide from the project team and ensure the external validation of the guide through an online validation workshop.
    • Engage with focal points and have relevant calls with project partners.
    • Perform other tasks as required.
    Concrete deliverables:

    The expert will provide the following deliverables to the ITU focal point:
    • Distribution of questionnaire and completion of at least 10 consultations with results integrated into the draft guide.
    • One first draft of the guide for review by consultees and the project team.
    • One well-organized and well-facilitated online validation workshop to validate and help to finalize the guide.
    • Provision of infographic mock-ups (approx. 7 mock-ups) for use by a graphic design specialist.
    • One final draft of the report (approx. 35 pages) with feedback addressed.
    Qualifications required
    Advanced university degree in environmental management, procurement, information technology and communications, climate change or environmental sciences or any relevant area of study from a reputed college of advanced education with a diploma of equivalent standard to that of an advanced university degree in one of the fields above.
    At least five years of relevant professional experience in one or more of the domains above; experience in high-quality technical writing; experience in public sector procurement; able to formulate technical information in an accessible, interesting, and guiding way; thorough knowledge and overview of sustainable public procurement; sound understanding of circular economy.
    Excellent spoken and written English at an advanced level.
    Additional Information:

    350.- USD per working day

    Applicants will be contacted directly if selected for written test. Interviews may be used as a form of screening.

    For further information concerning the Conditions of Employment please click the following link
    Applicants will be contacted only if they are under serious consideration

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